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Campground talks at Pierre Grey's Lakes

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

On select dates in the summer of 2019, our Caribou Patrol crew connected with campers to chat all things caribou

Pierre Grey's Lakes Provincial Park boasts 48 km of walking/biking trails!

Located 38 kilometres south of Grande Cache, Pierre Grey’s Lakes Provincial Park is near the edge of the A La Peche woodland caribou herd’s migration zone. Boasting 83 campsites, boat launches, fire pits, trophy fishing and hiking trails, Pierre Grey’s Lakes is a popular destination for day-use visitors and campers. Caribou Patrol delivered 6 campground talks this past summer to over 120 people at Pierre Grey’s. During these 30-minute talks, Caribou Patrol engaged visitors with games illustrating environmental and human impacts on caribou and tactics Caribou Patrol uses to haze caribou off the highways. Since the majority of visitors to Pierre Grey’s have to travel through the caribou migration corridor on Highway 40, they are the ideal audience to talk about vehicle safety and what to do if you see caribou on the road. The campground talks have been an effective way to reach those who have and will continue to drive on Highway 40.

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