Caribou Patrol Program

Season 8


To report a caribou sighting

go to:, call: 1-780-827-4014 or email:


To Report A Poacher

Solve fish and wildlife crime in Alberta.

Call the Report A Poacher hotline at 1-800-642-3800. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Caribou Videos

One of Canada's icons, the caribou, live in BC, but numbers are dwindling. Watch some amazing footage of caribou, wilderness, and the problems they face. Even the caribou do some filming! You can help caribou and raise awareness of the issues they face by sharing these videos and learning more about the herd that lives closest to you. Commissioned by the 14th North American Caribou Workshop (NACW) hosted in Fort St. John, BC in 2012. Funding for this project came from the generous donations to the 2012 NACW.

Boreal Caribou of BC video

Northern Mountain Caribou of BC video

Southern Mountain Caribou of BC video

AWN Perspective on Caribou

Several key species, including caribou, are in serious decline in our traditional lands. This concerns us for many reasons. We know the absence of one species ultimately changes the environment. The loss of these species also prevents us from practicing our traditional way of life. AWN Perspective on Caribou

What happens if you find a dead caribou?

If you come across a dead caribou or what you think may be the remains of a dead caribou, it is important that you contact the following Government of Alberta authority as soon as possible:

Shane Ramstead at, Cell: 780 827 0552 or Work: 780 827 3356 ext. 230


It is also important to notify the following fRI Research staff immediately if you spot a dead caribou either on the road or anywhere. Staff are not only interested in road kill, but in caribou that have died from other reasons too (predation etc.). 


Laura Finnegan: 780 223 4640 (call or text) or email:

Terry Larsen: 780 222 7659 (call or text) or email:

Please provide GPS co-ordinates for the caribou or as detailed a description of the caribou's location as possible. Once notified, fRI Research staff will go to the site of the dead caribou in order to collect all the necessary samples for their research and the samples that Alberta Environment and Parks require. 


Other Resources:

Project Caribou is an educator’s guide to wild caribou of North America and contains online and book versions.  Lots of information, many K-12 activities and lessons about caribou, and fully downloadable!  Based in Canada, this is a very comprehensive resource and a great starting point for any caribou educator.


A Caribou Year from Arctic National Wildlife Refuge follows the yearly cycle of the Porcupine Caribou Herd and researchers studying them, in web-based and print versions.


Journey North – caribou contains lessons, activities and information about caribou and tracking the Porcupine Herd.  Part of a larger site (Journey North) about wildlife migration and seasonal change.


For more information on the Aseniwuche Winewak Nation of Canada:


For more information on the Aseniwuche Environmental Corporation:


For information on caribou research being undertaken at fRI Research:


For information on how the Foothills Landscape Management Forum is advancing integrated land management in the Province of Alberta:


Caribou photographs featured in this publication were courtesy of:


Photographs and information featured on the Caribou Patrol Facebook page:


To create your own activities:


Manitoba Model Forest:

Woodland Caribou - Parks Canada Video