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On January 20 & 21
we will be at Edmonton's Deep Freeze Fest.

In March 2024, we will be presenting at Inside Education's Regener8 Summit (REGENERATE Forest & Wildlife Youth Summit | Inside Education)

In early 2022, we were very excited to finally be able to announce the release of our Caribou Stories short film titled Aseniwuche Elders: Atih Acimowina. Thank you to C.I.A Solutions INC for your amazing work in helping to bring our vision to life, to Imperial for the generous sponsorship to make this happen, and most of all to our AWN Elders who were gracious enough to share some of their caribou memories with us in their native language - Cree.
Note: when the Elders are speaking in Cree, there are English subtitles.
Watch it here: Aseniwuche Elders: Atih Acimowina - YouTube

Let us know if you'd like to see us at a particular festival / outreach event!

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